How to Use the Executive Catalog
The Executive Package is the best value in Vacation Home Furnishings today and the best choice to furnish your vacation home. If your goal is an excellent quality product with a wide range of fashionable choices, this is the furniture package for you. Our website is designed around this offering. We add new merchandise and delete old merchandise on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. With the assistance of one of our experienced design consultants, we can transform your new home into the beautiful interior you envisioned. Alternatively, give your personal designer the direction you wish them to go in both color and style, and we will put everything together for you, subject to your approval. Everything supplied in your home will have a complete two year warranty (normal wear and tear excluded).

Please contact us with any questions, and better yet, with your selections!!

We know you are excited and ready to start the process of transforming your new investment into a fully furnished, beautiful, home. Our website has been developed to allow you to do just that from the comfort of your own home. To get started you will see that a second (Gray) line of categories has dropped down above.  We have categorized each area of your home to make it easier to view available selections. Click on each furniture category to view the many available choices.

To organize your thoughts, we suggest you print our selections sheet and inventory. You can then start with upholstery and move through each category, noting your choices, referring to the inventory to determine the pieces needed. Once your selections are complete, you can submit them online through our online selection sheet.

If you have questions, need advice, but are not already working with one of our design consultants, please contact us so we can assign someone to work with you. We will take your selections and interior colors, and correlate custom art, silk plants, bed coverings and lamps. The end result will be a beautifully furnished home, completed in one day, ready for you or your guests to enjoy.

By now, I am sure you are ready to start. Don’t be concerned, some find it difficult to furnish a home this way, but you will experience the same excellence our past clients have. The most frequent comment we receive “It is beyond anything we expected!”