Furnishing A Vacation Home During The Pandemic

The worldwide pandemic has touched us all and the Vacation Home Furnishings Industry is no different and has changed dramatically. The ability to prepare and furnish a vacation home in 4 to 6 weeks is gone. Factories overseas and domestically are struggling to find labor and keep the labor they have healthy and on the job. Shipping costs have skyrocketed. Dozens of container ships anchoring off the coast of California waiting to be allowed to port to be unloaded based on labor shortages is well documented.


There is a shortage of truck drivers to move shipments from the port as well as from domestic warehousing and factories to retailers. These are all factors affecting the availability and cost of merchandise needed to furnish vacation homes.

The process of furnishing a vacation home has changed. It is important to work with a company with the needed infrastructure and facilities to manage the process of ordering, along with the followup and warehousing needed to properly prepare to furnish your home. The ability to flow and receive merchandise has always been an advantage we have held over our competition but it is now a strategic advantage which is critical to the end result.


It is now important to plan a minimum of 3 months in advance to have a vacation home ready to rent. Even with the correct preparation be prepared to make needed changes to your order based on delays and changes in availability that are unavoidable. Planning and patience are key and the selection of a Vacation Home Furnishings supplier with the resources mentioned is key. As a division of Hudson's Furniture we are that company. with the staff and facilities to first create an amazing interior and then manage it through to the completed product in this difficult environment.

Protect your investment and choose wisely when deciding on who will furnish your new vacation home. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.