10 Interior Design Rules to Break in Your Summer Home

When it comes to vacation homes, Florida home designs stand out for their diverse yet relaxing appearances. If you’ve recently purchased a summer home in the Sunshine State, our expert Florida interior designers will help you turn your new house into the summer home of your dreams by utilizing unique interior designs and custom summer home furniture packages. Here are ten popular interior design rules for you and your designer to break while creating the best interior design for your summer home.

1. Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is one of the most common rules in interior design. A layered lighting system can boost the mood in a room or provide even lighting throughout a space.

Despite the importance of this lighting concept, allow yourself to enjoy natural lighting when possible. One thing Florida homeowners enjoy is natural lighting, especially during the summer. Thus, it is more than okay to break this rule and allow yourself to enjoy the full natural light Mother Nature has to offer.

2. Using Accessories

Many interior designers make use of bold and unique accessories to light up a house. However, this rule can be broken during the summer as you get to enjoy the blossoming flowers, sunrise, and sunset. Combined with natural lighting, blooming flowers will effortlessly bring life into any room.

3. Tiling the Kitchen

Another common rule that you can break in your summer home is tiling in the kitchen as a backsplash or main wall feature. Kitchens are often designed using tiles, which can help to create the calm and serene feeling you want in the kitchen. However, this is neither a necessity nor a hard rule; while tiles are a good option for the kitchen, you can also consider using paint or wallpaper for the kitchen walls. If you choose a wallpaper, select one that appeals to you and maintains the kitchen as the heart of the home.

4. Curtains

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to heavy curtains. Summers are full of life not only because of the blooming flowers, but also because of the clear skies at night and the warm sunlight during the day. Allow yourself to enjoy nature at all times of the day by updating your curtains with a sheer, light material or putting them away entirely.

5. White Ceiling

The white ceiling is common in many homes because it is one of the rules followed by most interior designers. However, you can always shake things up by painting the ceiling a new color. Remember that during the summer, the room will be full of life and bright sun-driven energy, so choose colors that will pair well with your summer home furniture and accessories.

6. Mixing Old and New

Another common rule of interior design is to not mix old and new items during the summer. Contrary to this rule, combining new and old items throughout your home can help to brighten the overall tone, create a unique touch, and even enhance a nautical or beach theme.

7. Small Room, Bright Colors

Painting small rooms with bright colors is an important rule, but one that can be broken in any summer home. Remember that the summer is bright, so most if not all rooms will have access to natural lighting. If you want to add more life to a small room, use bright, colorful accents to enhance the space.

8. Mixing Patterns

For some, the summer season is bold enough on its own, and thus certain interior designers discourage the use of different patterns in the same space. However, if you do not shy away from attention, then mixing patterns is for you. Make use of stripes, polka dots, checkered fabrics, and other patterns that speak to you when decorating your home.

9. Repetition

Most interior designers follow the concept of repetition as it helps create balance in a room and a cohesive story throughout your house. That being said, unless you specifically want every space to be aesthetically balanced and similar in theme, push yourself to try out new ideas and new items that challenge this rule. You can start by placing a different lamp in each room or having different styles of beach house furniture to create a unique feel throughout your home.

10. Contrast

Although many interior designs use the rule of contrast, such as choosing black and white decor, it is acceptable to experiment with colors. By using different colors or different shades of the same color, you can allow yourself to feel more free during the hot summers and see how your favorite colors work in your summer home.

Florida Interior Designers Can Help

Before settling on any one design, it is essential to have a plan and remember to be true to yourself. You can turn your new summer home into a luxurious, serene space every year by using the above tips and seeking the assistance of an experienced interior designer. Your designer will help you find items that make you happy and seamlessly arrange them throughout your home. Completing your Dream is our Specialty!