Creating Star Wars Themed Rooms for Kids

“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” – Yoda

Star Wars is an epic for a reason—the story is long, the heroes (and villains) are legendary, and the movies have captivated fans across generations. Yes, that includes kids. So why not create an epic space for your little Star Wars fan? Whether you’re moving into a new home, furnishing a vacation home, or refurnishing your current home, a Star Wars-themed room is a great way to get your child excited about their space. Here are the four simple steps you’ll want to take to create a space where your child can feel truly at home while they try to make their way in the universe.

Step 1: Planning Your Color Scheme

Light Side, Dark Side, or Both?

If you’re a fan of Star Wars yourself, you probably have a favorite character, team, and possibly even a favorite vehicle. However, children can be less selective. Find out if your Star Wars fan has a favorite character (or several) and take note.

For the child with only one favorite, use that character's design as a guide for your color scheme. For the child with more than one favorite, you may have to do a little research. Whether they love Yoda, Luke, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or that one indistinguishable Stormtrooper from that one scene of that one Episode (they'll know the one), try to find the connection between their favorite characters. Are they all on the light side of the Force? The dark side? Is there an Episode they’re all in together? If your at a loss, a quick Google search will provide plenty of inspiration for an ideal color scheme.

Light Side

The light side is exactly that—light. Preference for characters on the light side of the Force will generally warrant a lighter and brighter color scheme focused on:

  • White
  • Sandy Light Brown
  • Light or Bright Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Yellow / Gold

You will want to select one of the above as the main color for your child’s Star Wars bedroom and two to four others as accent colors.

Orange, red, and darker colors, such as dark blue and dark brown, should not be used as primary colors for light side-themed rooms unless the design of your child’s favorite character utilizes one of those colors. For example, if your child’s favorite character hands down is BB-8, you’ll want to focus on white, orange, gray, and black.

Dark Side

If your child prefers the dark side, you will want to consider a darker color scheme so their room can mirror and enhance their favorite characters. This will likely include:

  • Black
  • Light or Medium Gray / Silver
  • Bright Red
  • Royal Purple

Black is the staple of the dark side, which makes it an easy choice to use as the primary color for the room. You might paint the walls light or medium gray and select black furniture to fill the space.

Since this is the dark side, try to use white only as an accent color unless your child’s favorite character is a Stormtrooper. Provided your child’s favorite character is not one of the few on the dark side whose designs use additional colors, stick to the above list for an authentic dark side theme.

Where Light Meets Dark

If your child has no preference, loves the thrill of the battles, or equally favors characters from both sides, use a neutral gray as your base color and select two to four accent colors, evenly from each side, that look good together. This will allow the varying light and dark accents in the room to shine without one side overshadowing the other.

Step 2: Painting

Take a look at the colors you wound up with from Step 1 and think about which color you want to use as the main color for the walls. As mentioned above, you may want to paint the walls light gray for a dark side theme since this is going to be a child’s bedroom. However, dark colors are great if you are planning to add lighter accents over them, such as stars, light beams, or primarily white posters.

Alternatively, you could paint three walls white and the fourth wall dark blue, black, etc, or do the same with different shades of the same color. You could add a mural or have spacecraft flying across the walls as they would through space. To make the room feel bigger and feature two primary colors, consider splitting colors diagonally across two walls that are parallel from each other, so one side of the room is one color and the other is a second color. With an open mind and some skill with a paint brush, the options are endless.

Step 3: Furniture

When furnishing your child’s Star Wars-themed room, it’s okay and often preferable to use traditional furniture instead of Star Wars furniture. Why? Authentic Star Wars furniture is expensive—a single piece can easily run you from nearly $1,000 to upwards of $4,000—and better suited as an accent piece for a more “adult” room.

Remember: You’ll be decorating the room after it’s furnished.

By using traditional furniture for your child’s Star Wars-themed bedroom, you’re creating a blank canvas of essential items that will provide a break from the Star Wars figures, pillows, and other décor. This will help the Star Wars theme stand out without being overwhelming.

If you’re furnishing your entire home at the same time, look through some Florida furniture packages to take the stress out of furnishing a whole house by yourself. Complete home furniture packages like ours allow you to enjoy the experience of furnishing a home while working with professional interior designers who will manage every last detail. Once your home is fully furnished, you can celebrate your beautifully decorated home, happily looking back on how simple the whole process was.

Step 4: Décor

This is the fun part where you get to add all the Star Wars elements to the room. Look for bedding, posters, and an area rug that are in line with your child’s favorite characters. The colors and art styles should match or compliment each other while fitting the color scheme since each item will be adding to the Star Wars story you’re building for your child. For example, if your colors are gray, white, dark blue, and brown, you might paint the walls gray, find brown furniture, look for primarily dark blue Star Wars bedding, and add white, blue, and black décor.

Consider hanging lightsabers or masks on the wall and adding a plush Star Wars character to the bed. A Star Wars quote is another great addition to any wall, whether it’s from a character they like or the opening title sequence. Add solid curtains, a lamp, clock, and other accent items in the accent colors you’ve chosen. If the process feels overwhelming, a skilled interior designer will be able to take the load off your shoulders.

Revealing the Star Wars-Themed Bedroom

You’re done! Take a step back and look at the Star Wars base you’ve created for your child. If everything’s in order, go get them and show them their new Star Wars-themed bedroom. You can expect an excited and grateful child, who is both in awe of the wonder that is now their bedroom and proud to have such a cool space to call their own.