Mastering Your Summer Home Patio Design

Your backyard space can be used for a wide array of functions. It can be a place to entertain your guests, a place for your kids to play, or a place to relax and unwind. With the help of experienced Florida interior designers, you can create a backyard patio design to accommodate everything you need it to do. From identifying a color scheme to creating unique furniture packages, your designer can create that perfect space to reflect your personality. So what goes into creating the perfect summer home patio design?

Maximizing Usable Space

One of the first steps to designing the perfect summer home patio is to maximize the space you have to use. Start by clearing out any brush or debris that has overtaken prime patio real estate. Clear out overgrown grass, bushes, and plants that interfere with the walkway between areas of the patio. You will also want to remove any low hanging branches that could interfere with the space or cause injury. If your space is not as big as you would like it to be, you can always add patio paving stones to increase the size.

Creating Your Entertainment Area

Determine what type of entertaining you wish to use your summer home’s patio area for and section off the areas you will be using for that purpose. These areas are likely to take up the most space, so it is best to zone them off before starting on any one specific section. You may also want to separate the living area from the entertainment area, which can be done simply by using summer home furniture or an arbor to separate the spaces.

Once you have zoned these areas, determine what you will need to meet your entertaining goals. For example, do you plan to use the place for cookouts, campfires, or game nights?

Decide on a Color Scheme

Even if your patio space is limited, adding the right amount of color can help trick the mind into making the space appear bigger than it is. Decide what color scheme you want to follow and add pops of color in that palette throughout your design.

You can add color into a space with rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and flowers. You also can also use beach house furniture with the same colors that accent the space. Just remember, whether you are going with a more monochromatic scheme or a brightly colored one, to also use multiple shades of any color to add depth to the space.

Create Focal Points

While your summer home’s patio area may not have a lakeside or beachside view, it doesn't mean that you can’t have some focal points that add to the beauty of your space and draw your guests attention in a positive way.

Start by finding the natural focal points in the space, such as beautiful natural greenery, an arbor of climbing vines or flowers, or a gazebo. If you don't have a natural focal point, consider creating one by adding a fountain, birdbath, or flowers in unique pots. Once you have identified these unique focal points, position your furniture so that your guests will face these areas, creating a view for them when they are enjoying your outdoor space.

Consider Bringing Your Favorite Indoor Elements Outside

When you bring some of the elements of your favorite indoor designs outside, it can make the outdoor environment more unique to you by incorporating some of your distinctive personality. Consider bringing an outdoor-safe area rug, weatherproof linens, table settings, and silverware outside. Adding all of the comforts of the inside of your home will make your outdoor space more inviting for guests and create a more customized feeling.

Add Water and Fire Elements

Water and fire are both powerful elements that can easily transform your outdoor space into something more appealing and exclusive. When there is a chill in the air, nothing is more comfortable than gathering around the warmth of a fire. Warmth will make your guests cozier and bring an added feeling of safety and security. You can opt for a large outdoor fireplace or, if you are dealing with a smaller space, you can choose from one of the many tabletop versions. Either option will create warmth and a unique focal point for your guests to enjoy.

If you don't plan on using your space in cooler weather, you can use other elements of fire such as candles or outdoor torches to provide additional lighting, create ambiance, and keep insects from ruining the evening. Consider grouping multiple candles together to create a more dramatic effect.

Water is also a fantastic element to bring into your outdoor space. Water can turn any space into a place of tranquility thanks to its calming nature. Consider adding a bubbling fountain, pond, or other water feature.

Think of Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Your summer home patio is your oasis, and there is no better way to create a relaxing environment than to incorporate reminders of your favorite vacations. If you crave your vacations to the beach, consider adding a comfortable beach chair and large umbrellas. You can decorate with seashells and bring in sand elements in vases and candle holders.

Consult Florida Interior Designers

Create the summer home patio design you have always dreamed of by hiring someone who specializes in Florida home designs. Contact us today to help make your vision become a reality and turn your summer home into the peaceful oasis or entrainment area you have always wanted.