Tour Top Summer Trends For 2020

Goodbye Gray Walls, Hello Summer's Warmth!

Long gone are the dog days of keeping up with Johnson's. Now is the time to make your home your own. Especially if you love the energizing colors, refined natural textures, and glamorous accents of the Soft Tropics style! Learn how to create a houseful of spaces that celebrate the season with our top summer style tips for 2020 as we tour our latest vacation home project.

Our Villa Domani project embodies the Soft Tropics style. Nestled in the heart of Davenport, Florida’s Town Center, this 2,300 sq ft vacation home recently furnished by our professional interior designers. 

Hallmarks Of Soft Tropics

Sun-kissed colors from soft sandy white to tranquil blue and golden hour yellow line the interior walls. Ones closely associated with summertime and personal wellness: clarity, calm, and joy. When properly balanced these work in harmony to liven up this lovely home. Maintain this harmonious balance by reserving bolder colors like golden hour yellow for accent walls in entertainment spaces and accessories. We recommend using more muted, calming tones in private spaces such as bedrooms.

Embrace Eclectic Glamour

The eclectic glamour of gold and silver accessories dot the landscape of each room, giving them touches of personality and glimmering elegance. Flowy abstract art canvases tie the spaces together with captivating splashes of color and movement. While wood-framed photographs highlight meaningful memories and family history. Mix-and-match these design elements together to achieve that cozy, homey feeling.

Neutral sand tone tile and plush carpeted flooring give the interior a bright beachy feel year-round. Beyond providing pleasing textures, tiles make high traffic areas easier to clean and carpet makes each step in private spaces more comfortable. These warm, earthy cream colors ground each space in natural beauty. Further realized with stone, linen, and wood finishes. Expect to see more of this Soft Tropics style as trends continue to shift away from sterile gray toward earthier, organic palettes.

Show Your Blue Side

The popularity of blue — particularly navy and midnight tones — is on the rise because it adds a bold, regal pop of color. Great for making a statement that stands out. Or go the understated route by desaturating rich blue tones with gray to achieve a calming aesthetic. Known as the New Neutrals for 2020, this spectrum of blue-gray ranges from the gentle morning sky to that of those late summer nights illuminated by moonlight. This midnight blue makes a notable appearance in the entertainment-friendly kitchen. Filled with functional cabinetry in a color that:

  1. Visually separates the living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces.
  2. Provides stark contrast that makes the pristine white countertops pop instead of blending into the surrounding sand tones.
  3. Leverages the luxuriousness of black but maintains a more natural color palette.

The Tranquility Of Teal

The use of blue continues onto the back patio where splashes of teal create a tranquil atmosphere. One that’s perfect for whatever the summer days and nights bring, whether that’s low-key relaxing or high-energy partying. Dark woven wicker patio furniture provides seating and serving areas that contrast the light sandstone brick quite nicely. Contrast that helps keep guests safe when walking around the patio in low light situations. Meanwhile, the table’s glass top and silver grill add touches of functional shimmer and shine.

Take The Tour

Ready to turn your vacation home into a year-round summer paradise? Our team of seasoned interior designers would love to learn about the projects you’re considering and offer a helping hand wherever possible. They specialize in creating breathtaking, functional spaces for you and your loved ones. Simply contact us now to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon.