Vacation Rental Tips for Owners

Many people wonder what goes into renting their Florida vacation home but become overwhelmed by the surplus of information available. You’ll want to consider vacation home marketing methods, how to make your vacation rental stand out, and – perhaps most importantly – how to find the right renters to maximize your revenue. Our vacation rental tips for owners who are looking to simplify the process will set you on the path to renting success.

Pay Attention to Vacation Rental Trends

Up until recently, home owners looking to rent out their properties had limited options for marketing their homes. Property management companies worked hard to control the market, so when it came to finding renters and handling bookings, it was mostly hands-off for home owners. This property management came at the cost of 30-50% of all rental earnings being taken as commissions.

You can still opt to use a service like this if you prefer, but thanks to third-party hosting services like AirBnb, VRBO, and HomeAway, it is easier and more affordable than ever to rent your vacation home by owner. This change in the rental market has also begun to sway public opinion about alternative lodging, leading more people to seek out vacation rentals over hotels than in previous years.

Recent changes in vacation rental trends also indicate a shift in what renters expect from a vacation rental, such as hotel-quality amenities without the hefty price tag. This does not suggest that you need to live on the beach or have a home theatre to attract the perfect renters; the experience the renter will have while staying in your property can trump just about everything else.

Learn How to Attract the Perfect Renter

When renters scour the internet looking for the perfect vacation rental, they are likely to make a decision almost entirely based on the pictures they can find. They might ask things like, “Is it clean? Does it look modern? Homey? Is it spacious enough for all of us?”

A lot can be determined based on the images you use to market your home, so you will want to secure a professional photographer at some point to capture your vacation rental in the best light possible. But before that, it is crucial that you set up your rental to appeal to prospective guests by properly furnishing it.

Does this mean you have to take out a second (or possibly third) mortgage to cover the cost of furnishing an entire home? Thankfully, no. There are many ways you can furnish your vacation rental to provide comfort to your renters without breaking the bank. With our vacation rental furniture packages, you can receive a customized collection of furniture, art, and more to fully furnish your vacation rental property.

Know What to Include in Your Vacation Rental Furnishing List

Imagine you plan to stay in a hotel or rental property for some time, but upon arrival you feel something is… off. Perhaps there is no art on the walls or the floors are all bare tile. Maybe the bedroom is just that – a bed in a room. Nothing is more off-putting than vacationing in a partially empty space.

Some furnishings – like a bed – are absolute necessities while others are nice to have. Here are some furnishings you will want to make sure your vacation rental has to provide your guests with the highest level of comfort during their stay:

  • Window Treatments
  • Rugs on Non-Carpeted Floors
  • Proper Lighting (throughout the home)
  • Kitchenware
  • Assorted Linens
  • Dining Room Table & Chairs
  • Complete Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Wall Art
  • Bookshelves / Mantles and Books (be sure to keep an inventory)
  • Living Room / Lounge Seating
  • Television (with cable and/or a few non-cable options like Netflix or Hulu)
  • Desk / Writing Table

Extra Details Are Worth The Effort

With the beautiful beaches, warm hospitality, and scenic views Florida is famous for comes its fair share of inclement weather. You will want to equip your vacation rental with adequate emergency supplies in the event of extreme weather conditions. This might include things like a first-aid kit, flashlight with spare batteries, a local map, and emergency canned goods, among other items. If you want to be really prepared for your guests, or plan to stay in your own vacation rental during hurricane season, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a generator as well.

If your home is pet-friendly, be sure to make any house rules easily visible throughout the house, including rules regarding furniture, laundry items, and waste disposal. Clear communication between you and your renters from the beginning should save you a few headaches down the road.

Attention to detail will set your rental home apart from the competition in numerous ways. Your guests will feel comfortable during their stay knowing their accommodations are all-inclusive, providing everything from security in case of a disaster to the comforts they expect in a home.

Vacation Rental Packages Can Help Your Rental Goals

With a cohesive aesthetic and furnishings hand-picked by our team, it is easier to command a higher rate because you know your renters will be enjoying the pinnacle of luxury. Our vacation rental furniture packages are professionally crafted to offer your Florida vacation home functionality while impressing your guests with impeccable design. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and determine which of our vacation rental furniture packages is right for you!