Window Treatments 2020: Let There Be Light… Or Don’t!

3 Ways For Controlling Light, Working In Harmony

Think of window treatments as a simple way to elevate spaces with a finish that represents your signature style. They blend form and function in ways that can dramatically transform the mood of your space. Want a more authentic vibe for your movie night in? Simply draw the blinds and close the curtains for that cozy theater feel. Want to liven up your space and enjoy the afternoon sun? Sheer curtains turn harsh rays into soft, brilliant light. Best of all, there are near limitless combinations of features, styles, and materials to choose from when designing your perfect window treatments.


This serene space is part of our Fremont Executive Complete Home. Here, curtains offer plenty of natural lighting options, even to block it all out.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, curtains provide significant lighting control, sound dampening, privacy, and even reduce energy bills by deflecting the heat. Great for tropical climates and popular destination states like Florida. Combining blackout, sheer, and filter curtains are perfect for those who prefer it darker or tend to stay up later and want a few more hours of sleep on bright, sunny mornings.. They’re also great for helping vacation travelers adjust to the local time zone. To get the most out of curtains, ensure they are sized properly; too short or long will diminish the look and functionality of your window treatments. Outdoor curtains make any time of day the perfect time to be outdoors by offering the same light and climate control benefits as their indoor counterpart. Both indoor and outdoor curtains systems can work together to create one-of-a-kind-spaces that flow seamlessly from room to room. Definitely worth considering if your vacation home or condo has a balcony or spacious patio. Your BBQ guests will thank you too!

Blinds & Shades

This lovely room is part of our Baymont Executive Complete Home. Our interior design team used pristine white blinds to give this guest room privacy and freedom to let the light in or keep it out.

Blinds and shades add another layer of light control within your window treatment. Here is where color, texture, and style can be subtle or strikingly bold as these choices will be imprinted onto the light you let in. Similar to curtains, blinds and shades offer great light control, full visual privacy, and help insulate windows from the outdoor temperatures, which is especially great for further reducing your energy bill. Although they don't provide nearly as much in the way of sound dampening, they do provide far more control when controlling and directing light in the space.

Lift Systems

Last but not least are manual or automated lift systems. Automated systems can provide simple open and close operation or more advanced features like presets and scheduling. These systems can integrate with curtains, blinds, and shades so full control of natural light is at your fingertips. The upfront cost of automated lift systems can be higher, but they offer far more convenience and put less strain on the window treatment. This makes them significantly safer for children, pets, and in general reduces the risk of getting caught in manual pull cords. Most automated systems have the added benefit of manual control as well, but in a way that’s modified for safety. Though rare, this affords you a simple-to-use back up should a remote battery need replacing. Read on for 6 more helpful tips from the Professional Interior Designers at Hudson’s Vacation Interiors on how to design the perfect window treatments!

Creating Better Window Treatments Together

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience helping people like you create signature spaces, so reach out if you want or need more information about custom window treatments and we’ll be there to help from measuring to complete installation and beyond.

Their top 6 tips for creating a stylish window treatments for your space are:

  1. Layering curtains over your blinds or shades maximizes privacy, light control, and finishes the look, especially with room darkening or blackout blinds/shades.
  2. Install window treatments where privacy is a must, like the bedroom or bathroom. Ensure any bathroom window treatments are made of moisture resistant materials like plastic or faux wood. Best to follow that advice for kitchen window treatments as well.
  3. Blinds are better for shaping and directing light, shades are better for diffusing and dampening light.
  4. If your lift system is automated, keep spare remote batteries on hand.
  5. No two windows are alike and there are no standard sizes, so measure twice and order once to save both time and money.
  6. Hanging curtains require the right hardware and tools so make sure to grab everything from curtain rods to holdback hooks before attempting installation.

Ready to get started? We’d love to learn more about the projects you’re considering and are happy to offer a helping hand. We specialize in creating functional spaces that wow for every space in your personal vacation oasis. Have a wonderful rest of the day and we look forward to hearing from you soon.